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Load Testing Using NodeJs Async

NodeJS is a platform for building applications using JavaScript. JavaScript is single threaded and has callback architecture. How about using this for load testing a Web server? Often we are limited by the tools and their feature set. If you are familiar with NodeJs, here is my quick solution for customized load testing.

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Integrating Facebook Graph API

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social media site out on the internet and surprisingly it was difficult to find good support on accessing the Graph API using Node.js. So this is the approach we followed to perform basic actions on facebook for our app.

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Identifying Real Humans on Twitter

In CrowdChat platform, we have classified over 66M Twitter accounts and counting. The important precursor step: Finding out real-humans among those millions of accounts. This may appear as seemingly intuitive task for any average person, but is not so for the machines. This post descirbes how we approached the problem. The reader should refer further for the following concepts, but we will try to introduce them as briefly as possible.

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